Legal drug industry wants you dead – after you pay them for it

The Iowa Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy is at it again, this time comparing a marijuana cigarette to a keg of beer.

What’s even more annoying is the spokesperson for the legal drug industry, Peter Komendowski, president of Partnership for a Drug-Free Iowa.

In an article in Today’s Des Moines Register, Mr. Komendowski is quoted as saying, “What we’re doing,” said Komendowski, “is sending a mixed message to our kids that some drugs are OK and some aren’t OK. If you know kids, it’s extremely confusing to them if you’re not on message.”

And what is that mixed message, pray tell, Mr. Komendowski? Steven Lukan, the director of the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy, quickly supplies the answer, “A good analogy I was given is that back in the ’60s, smoking a joint was like drinking three beers. You achieved a quick high that didn’t stick around as long,” Lukan said. “Today smoking a joint can be like drinking a keg.”

So, the message we’re currently sending, according to these two, is that alcohol is okay and marijuana is not. Prescription drugs are okay and marijuana is not. That message is exactly the opposite of what it should be. These intellectually bankrupt representatives of the legal drug industry haven’t made a step toward making alchohol and tobacco illegal in Iowa, or denying access to prescription drugs. Alcohol and tobacco, along with prescription drugs, are the biggest killers out there. Marijuana has never killed anyone.

So, the message, kids, is that you should drink lots of alcohol and smoke lots of cigarettes so you can get sick and use lots of prescription drugs. Got it? Good, now shut up and do what you’re told.

I don’t know about you, but I’d vote for Representative Bruce Hunter or Senator Joe Bolkcom for governor in the next election if I had the opportunity. Both of them promised to fight vigorously for the rights of Iowans to choose a safe and effective medicinal herb over toxic chemicals chosen for us by the legal drug industry.

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  1. Des Moines Register, Wednesday, November 21, 2012, page 10A.

    Official is wrong; 1 joint does not equal1keg

    Regarding your article “Legalized Marijuana: Is Iowa Next?” (Nov. 19), I would like to correct a statement by Steven Lukan that “Today smoking a joint can be like drinking a keg.” Drinking that much alcohol would surely kill any person. However, it is physically impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana. In fact, marijuana is demonstrably safer than alcohol in every way. There are mountains of scientific research to support this, and there has never been a single reported case of overdose death in the 5,000 years humans have been using marijuana.

    Blatant inaccuracies like this are dangerous when they come from people who are supposed to be knowledgeable about drugs. This kind of messaging is far more confusing and misleading to teens than honest factual education about marijuana. I only hope some teenager doesn’t read this article and think that he or she can safely drink a keg of beer.

    The fact that Lukan thinks this way despite all the evidence to the contrary is a clear indication that he has no business being the director of Iowa’s Office of Drug Control Policy, and as long he is in charge, our children will be in trouble.

    — Sam Garber, Des Moines

  2. Love this article! Its high time the prohibiton of such a helpful plant end! If for no other reason than economically, hemp alone could help jump start americas economy! Not to mention the cuts we could make to our budget by not prosecuting all these non violent offenders, houseing them in jail etc. alcohol prohibition ended and when it did americas economy rebounded with it! Iowa grew hemp in support of WW2, in fact george bush senior was saved by a hemp parachute in WW2! ! Iowa has the PERFECT climate to grow it! Droughts wouldnt be soo damageing if hemp was also grown to help supplement animal feed shortages, as well as human food shortages! It produces more sustainable, non toxic, non lethal, food, paper, fiber, building materials , medicine and oil then All the crops we currently grow!

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