Medical Professionals Practicing Law Without Licenses

Iowa has a new health crisis, medical professionals practicing law without licenses.

In an effort to make cannabidiol as unhealthy and risky as possible, medical professionals in the Iowa House of Representatives are claiming the law they just helped enact violates federal law.  This is known in law as criminal intent (known in legal terms as “mens rea” or guilty mind), if it was actually true that cannabidiol violates federal law (which it is not).

For a while, it seemed that the House Speaker, Linda Upmeyer, a registered nurse, was the only elected official making these absurd public statements about the law she just helped enact, but now we have Representative John Forbes, a licensed pharmacist, saying same thing.  At least we can say the effort to betray Iowans is non-partisan, but that doesn’t make it any less repugnant.

Here are the quotes from House Speaker Linda Upmeyer:

She says they are already anticipating doing this bill with the possibility of breaking two federal laws.

KGLO Radio – Mason City, Iowa – March 27, 2017

House Speaker Linda Upmeyer, R-Clear Lake, noted in a statement that no matter what the Legislature had decided, the state still would have been in violation of federal law.

Des Moines Register – Des Moines, Iowa – September 10, 2017

And, here is the quote from Representative John Forbes:

I mean, we are violating federal law with a cannabis bill here in the state of Iowa.

Iowa Public Television – Johnston, Iowa – December 22, 2017

We know this is some kind of an addiction to federal boot licking, but state legislators can do better than this!